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Rules & Policies » Lunch Rules

Lunch Rules

  1. Eat quietly at your assigned lunch table.
  2. Handle food appropriately - no throwing, spitting, or playing with it.
  3. Wait in line for hot lunch or snacks.
  4. You will be excused to recess when your area is clean (on top and underneath the table).
  5. Raise your hand to get your snack, go to the bathroom, throw your trash away, get a drink and when you are ready to go to recess.
  6. WALK out to recess! Anyone that is running will be sent back to their table and will wait until the noon aide excuses them.
  7. Place lunch boxes by your line or by your classroom.
  8. Extra food is to be placed on the drinking fountain.
  9. Food is to be eaten only at the lunch or snack area.
  10. If you find any money or lost lunches, immediately give them to the noon aides.
  11. Make sure that a noon aide is on duty before you play.
  12. Show respect to others.