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Rules & Policies » Safety Standards

Safety Standards

  • Playground Rules:
    1. Everyone can play games. You may not exclude your classmates from playing games.
    2. Play within the boundaries of the playground, honoring the off-limit areas (slopes/hills, buildings, storage box, bleachers, lunch tables, snack area, classrooms).
    3. Eat in the snack area only and clean up after yourself.
    4. When using the restroom, clean up after yourself. Do not play in or near the restrooms.
    5. When the bell rings, stop playing, drop, and freeze. Wait quietly for the teacher’s signal. When the teacher’s hand is in the air, walk back to class line and wait for teacher.
    6. Students will not ride bicycles, skateboards or scooters onto school grounds at any time. Bicycles are to be locked at the bike rack; riders are advised to wear safety helmets.
    7. Students in line will decide what to do about a play in question on the courts (e.g., who may play or who may take over).
    8. Be respectful of students playing on the swings. Students are to sit and swing straight. There is no standing, jumping out of, or twisting the swings.
    9. Do not push someone on the swings. When counting on someone, you may count 25 forward swings.
    10. One person at a time may use the slide. Face forward when you slide down on your bottom.
    11. Do not dig in or throw the dirt or woodchips.
    12. Any inappropriate behavior during a game may lead to removal from that game for an amount of time, to be determined by the adult on duty.
  • Office/Hallway Rules:
    1. Use classroom pass when outside class during school hours. Permission must be given from class teacher to help another teacher.
    2. Check in at the office for any late arrival or early check out. Check out and back in with the office when leaving school grounds for any reason.
    3. Students will leave all unsafe objects at home along with radios, CD players, IP3’s, hard balls and trading cards. Teacher’s permission is required to bring any equipment, and all equipment must be clearly labeled with student’s name/ID.
    Lunch Area Rules:
    1. Follow the school lunch procedures, such as raising your hand to be excused, walking to recess, and using your assigned lunch table.
    2. Show respect to others at all times. Wait quietly in line for lunches and snacks.
    3. Eat quietly at assigned lunch table. Food is limited to lunch or snack area. Students are expected to pick up after themselves, demonstrating respect for our school.
    4. Handle food appropriately – no throwing, spitting, or playing with food.