Quail Summit Elementary School

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A California Distinguished School California DOE Gold Ribbon School
Mission & Goals

School Motto: "The School with a Heart"

Mission Statement: The Quail Summit faculty and staff develop global citizens who are academically prepared, socially proficient, and emotionally secure.

School Vision: Quail Summit School strives to uphold the principles and beliefs as outlined in the Walnut Valley Unified School District vision statement.

Quail Summit Elementary School faculty and staff believe that excellence in education is found in an environment that nurtures the whole child. We believe that an effective school is one that holds high expectations for academic achievement, personal responsibility, social interaction, and service to the community. Our commitment to students, parents and school community is to create a safe place to learn, to explore, to self-discover, and to laugh and have fun.

Our goal is to help our students discover their gifts and the gifts of others, to appreciate differences in people and ideas and to work together as contributing members of a group. In addition, we expect students to work for their personal best in their individual work. We believe in encouraging excellence in our staff and our students while providing continuous support.

As a school community we value:

We are committed to the principle of integrity through honesty, open communication, fairness, trust and mutual respect.
We model respect for self and others in our actions, promoting an environment that is honoring of the similarities and differences in each of us.
We strive to make Quail Summit an enjoyable place to work and learn. We make a commitment to having fun and keeping a sense of humor.
We are committed to the principle that personal responsibility builds self esteem and successful habits.
We are committed to the principle that everyone learns better in an environment that is positive, supportive, and respectful of diversity.
We model trust for our students, parents and others by telling the truth for the purpose of consistently improving instruction and learning.
We hold ourselves accountable for our actions. We hold all who serve our school accountable for theirs. In this way, we can continue to grow as people and as an organization.

All of these core values contribute to our mission to be the best school that we can be. We aim high and we take risks to become better at what we do. We understand that making mistakes is a crucial part of learning and growing. Above all, the success of all students is the heart of our work.